Last Mei Mei Extra Sale

Jpop Dolls is offering a limited number of Kaye Wiggs’ 1/4 size doll Mei Mei in creme and fair skin today. The BJDs are being sold first-come-first-serve. All of the dolls come with a factory face-up and a random color pair of glass eyes.

From Jpop:

We will have our last Kaye Wiggs’ Mei Mei extra sale this Wednesday, February 26th at 8PM PST!

Mei Mei will be offered in FAIR SKIN and CREME SKIN for this extra sale. Please note extra sales are first come, first serve.

Limited to one per customer (each type)!

If you already received your Mei Mei in the preorders or in previous extra sales, please give others a chance to order her. Thank you!
Please visit Kaye Wiggs’ Mei Mei page at the specified time for the extra sales

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Fairskin Meimei

Fair skin Mei Mei

Creme skin Meimei

Creme skin Mei Mei