~Out of the Toybox Ted~


~ A review


tbox2bTed was conceived as both a doll and as a doll for a doll. He is both a bear and a toy teddy bear that comes to life. Australian Artist Liz Frost released him as the first sculpt from her Out of the Toybox ~Animal Crackers~ series. He was first cast in white resin. The artist sent me the second version of Ted in tan resin. That doll is now available for pre-order at Wizworx.

Because the official boxes had not arrived yet, Liz was unable to send Ted packaged the way that customers will receive him.  Still, he was packed securely.  He came wrapped in a padded, unbleached muslin bedroll with cotton ties.  The 10.5 inches (25.4cm) tall doll was tied securely within the roll.  Ted arrived with his glass eyes installed. My doll was sent completely dressed in one of the artists’ outfits.  The hat was wrapped separately. An authenticity card was also included, signed by the artist.

ted eyes1ted eyes2My Ted is cast a smooth resin. The body is a little shiny. Ted has an expressive face. The face-up is painted expertly by the artist in warm browns with light blushes of red on his cheeks and chin. With a tilt of his head, Ted can look, happy, worried or pleading like a puppy dog hoping for a treat or some hugs.

Ted is a slender doll.  He has a large head and small paws.  Although his feet are somewhat small, he is easily able to stand. The paws are molded simply. There is very little detail on them except a separation between the toes on one side, while the other side is smooth like a toy rather than a real bear. The arms have double joints, and the legs have single joints. The arms can easily reach Ted’s face. The knees have a notch to lock them in place when the doll is standing straight. There is a torso joint that moves smoothly in all directions. He holds his poses well. Ted can also be a “she” as well as a “he” if preferred.

ted handsThe outfit that the doll arrived in is expertly made by the artist. This outfit is not available for tan Ted. Instead, three other outfits have been released especially for him. They are the same style of clown suit, but in different materials with different details.  Outfits for the doll are optional.

The artist created Ted to be a toy/companion for her 1/4 size girl Maddison. He would fit equally well with other 1/4 scale immature dolls like those of Kaye Wiggs.  Ted could even be a companion for larger dolls. Of course, he would also be a nice addition to an anthro BJD collection. Depending on which dolls I am assembling together, I will probably use him as both.

Photos above from top: Liz Frost’s photo of Maddison and white resin Ted, Ted 2 close-ups, Ted’s paws.

Ted is sold exclusively by the artist, Liz Frost,  He may be pre-ordered now at her current website  Wizworx.


ted chair3

ted chair2

ted chair1

ted stand

ted nude sit1

ted nude sit2

ted bedroll

ted bedroll2



Photos by the artist:

Tan Maddison with both white and tan Teds

Tan Maddison with both white and tan Teds


Tan Ted’s optional outfits: