Sailing Away Photo Contest

Hasels Aesthetics Etsy shop is holding a photo contest. The theme is Sailing Away.

From the shop:

My grandma inspired me to hosting this competition, she has dementia for a while now and since about a month all she can talk about is boats. She’s telling the most wonderfull imaginative story’s about travels she never went on. So to ilustrate this, I would like you to be as creative as possible and show me your dolls and boats! There are no limits, so please join in and amaze me!

What can you win:
-The first price winner can choose from a face-up (shipping from you to me not included, from me to you is included), extended wig (max 30 cm long) or 3 normal wigs (wigs all shipping included).
-The second place gets 1 normal wig (shipping included)

Deadline: 15 March

More information about it on Facebook:

My Etsy: