Honey 63 White Resin

Sadol is offering the Honey 63 body in white resin. The So-Dam head is also available.

From the company:

HONEY63 BODY WHITE version is released!

Honey63 body has elegant neckline and shoulders.

Also a slender waist, bosomy, curvy and everything.

Honey63 (height including Head)’s waist and shoulder lines are nicely fitted with over 9″ head.

We present you with beauty of white.

[newest item]

*WHITE [So-Dam]

*BASIC [So – Dam]White


[Resale item]

*HONEY63 [So-Dam]


The So-Dam head is sold blank or with an optional face-up. The Honey63 body comes with flat feet. Optional lower legs with heel feet are available.


so dam honey 63