~Lacy Collars~


These lacy collars can be cute or elegant. Either way, they make an excellent finishing touch to outfits on BJDs or other dolls.


Wide ribbon (1″ ribbon (2.54cm) was used for the larger collars, 3/4″ ribbon (1.9cm) for the smaller collar)

Narrow ribbon for ties



Matching thread

Fray check

Decorations (Ribbon decorations were used on ours)





First, measure the diameter of the doll’s neck.  The collar needs to be the size of the neck or a little smaller. Cut out a piece of ribbon to the size needed.  I used grosgrain ribbon and cut along the line between the ribs. Glue the edges of the ribbon piece with fabric fray-check.

The lace used for the collars needs to be gathered to about 1/2 ” (1.27cm) of the full length of the ribbon. For one collar for my larger dolls, I used a combination of  lace I gathered with a running stitch and a piece of pre-gathered lace.  For another, I gathered 2 pieces of lace of different widths. The small collar just used a piece of pre-gathered ribbon. The amount of lace needed  will vary depending on how fluffy you would like to make the collar. It doesn’t take much, though, so if you have ribbon scraps, this my be the perfect project for them.

lace 2

gather lace

Once your lace is gathered, fold your ribbon in half and pin the lace between the two sides. The lace should be centered so a little bit of the ribbon sticks out to either side.

ribbon lace pinned

Sew the sides of the ribbon together and stitch the ends closed.  I used ribbon to tie the collars to the dolls.  One way to attach the ties is to tuck the narrow ribbon end into each end seam before you sew them. The other is to run some narrow ribbon across the top of the wider ribbon and leave long ends on either side to form the ties.

sew collar1

3 collars

The final step is decorating the collars.  I used a variety of ribbon roses and bows on mine. Charms can be sewn on, beading can be added.  A bit of lace can be gathered to create a frame for your decoration.

collars ribbon roses

Here are some finished collars.

blue collar2

striped collar1

black bow 1