Valentine Special Gift Boxes

Rosen Lied is now offering Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes. They come in three sizes.

From the company:

During 14th to 28th, we will be releasing St. Valentine’s special gift box.
(This items are limited in numbers and can be sold out before 28th)

*The special new outfit is prepared for this event. It will also be send in random and is not selectable.

* It will be in 3 different sizes, Monday’s Child size, Tuesday’s Child size, Wednesday’s chid size

* Price: 50$ per box (with value of 80$ items)

* The items are put in random and they are not selectable.

* No exchange and refund is allowed with this special gift box.

* You can order Maximum 2 boxes, regardless the size.

* Mileage point will not be provided for this event item.

* The order will be automatically canceled if the payment is not cleared until March 3rd.

** Valentine’s day special gift box contains 1 set of secret outfit or $80 value
of items in random. Secret outfit may not be included in the box.