Krot Ärie and Këte

Dust of Dolls will be opening a pre-order for Krot line Ärie and Këte soon.

From the company:

Here are finally some news about our little Krot Ärie and Këte!!

As written the preorder will last from the 24th of February (10h french hour) to the 14th of march (10h too). Ärie and Këte will be available in normal skin and in white skin as usual. Esthy and Viridian House will take faceups orders too, what they did on such tiny faces is really adorable!! Plume Blanche Creation made some super-cute clothes, that’s amazing on such tiny dolls!

Like during the Meël’s preorder, you will be able to choose between some eyes colors.
But this time we will sell only 10 wigs, in alpaca and handmade by us. You will be able to choose between 4 hairstyles and 2 colors.

More, because of too much troubles with PayPal, we are trying to install a secured system of payment by credit card (verified by visa), we really hope this will be functional for the preorder!

Hoping you will like them! ♥