DollHeart News

Due to inquiries they have received, Dollheart has issued this statement.

From the company:

Hello, this is DollHeart.

Due to receiving miscellaneous reports regarding various issues, we would like to clarify a few points through the following public announcement.

DollHeart is a doll clothing and accessories brand which is based in Hong Kong.
We sell our products globally through our official online web stores as well as our agents which include USA, Japan and many other countries.
However, please note that there is only one DollHeart and we have never opened any branches in other countries.
The commonly known “DollHeart US” (a.k.a. ilovedollheart.com) is only one of our authorized retailers and is NOT part of DollHeart as a company.
Ms.Cholong(owner) and Mr.Cho(customer service) are both staff from ilovedollheart.com and they do not work for DollHeart.
We do not wish anyone to become confused or mistake ilovedollheart.com as being part of us.
Please also understand that we therefore do not have the authority to directly interfere with how they operate as another company.

Regarding our shipment policy, we guarantee that all orders of ready stock items will be shipped within 3 to 5 working days under normal circumstances (e.g. long public holidays might cause delays) and will be provided with a tracking number.
Any orders which include pre-order items or items which are currently pending for re-issue will be shipped as soon as the production has been completed.
We ship our orders by EMS by default but we also offer shipping by registered airmail as an alternative.
This policy applies to all online orders through our official web stories as well as orders from our authorized retailers.

If you have any inquiries about your order when you purchase DollHeart products through sources other than our official web stores, you should consult the respective retailer or dealer directly.
However, you are very welcome to contact us to confirm whether the retailer has placed the order of items from your order with us.
We could provide a tracking number if the items have been shipped.

Thank you for your attention.