Limited Edition Duffle Coats

Sadol is celebrating the release of their Back to School series II  fashions by introducing limited edition versions of their new winter Duffle Coats for 1/3-70cm boys and1/3 girls. The coats are limited to 20 of each color to international customers.  They are made of cashmere and come in Pthalo Green or Naphthol Red. The coats are available now until February 12th at 5 PM (Korean Time), however, if the limit of 20 is reached, they may sell out earlier.

Coats for girls may be ordered in sizes Sadol Love60, SD13, SD16, DD-M, DD-L, and Sadol Honey 63. Boy’s coats come in Sadol Star 70, Volks SD 13 & 17, Luts Delf, Senior Delf & Super Senior Delf, Crobi R & M lines and Dollshe Hound. Hats, scarves, mittens and ear muffs are available separately in the Accessories section.


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