Sprockets Glee

Connie Lowe from Marbled Halls is opening pre-orders for Glee next week. At that time, to order the doll, customer may contact the artist at bullwinkle2001@hotmail.com.

From the artist:

Glee is from the Sprocket series of Bjds 10″ and fully jointed.
Except for my daughters sculpt Frump ( a cousin to the Sprockets) Glee is the last Sprocket for awhile. I have decided to do her order a bit different. This time the ordering will be open for one full week..thus she will not be as limited. Preorder will start at 1:00pm Eastern time on February 13th..Happy Valentines day!!Emoji It will remain open until the following Thursday February 20th at 1:00 pm. I will honor all orders received in this time frame.

I will take email orders and confirm you. Once confirmed, deposits have to be paid by the 20th. I will continue to confirm through the 20th.

Fullsets include face up,wig,eyes and clothes..no shoes,each are done OOAK.
No pictures will be sent but on your final payment you may request wig color and freckles or not and I will do my best to honor those.
Deposits are $200 and if you need to negotiate that please contact me in advance to make arrangements.
Blank dolls are available, blank dolls no wig or eyes either.
A deposit MUST be made as this will become the receipt I use as an order. Even if I confirm you, if I don’t have a deposit it will not go on the books and you risk not getting the doll.
In the confirmation instructions will be given where to send payment but as usual..payments will be made to bullwinkle2001@hotmail.com, but ONLY after confirmation.
Some of you put a deposit on Glee with the Frazzle preorder, you do not need to do anything else. If you made the deposit, you are on the books.
I have some customers that prefer to pay in full in advance that is fine.

I expect Glee and Frazzle at the same time. If you have ordered both, they can be shipped together if you wish. If sending one at a time Frazzle ships first as she preordered first and I will start the painting on her first. I expect this to be a short preorder period again. As always, you do NOT have to pay as soon as the dolls come in. I will send another email update when the dolls have arrived and I am working on them. Those who wish to at that point can start paying balances. Others who need to wait, pay when you can in a reasonable time frame. I will NOT individually invoice you or email separately . I will send the mass email as a prompt. Some do a paypal special billing and NEED invoiced, those people email me at that point and I will invoice you.
Those of you with layaways, I will still need a deposit on Glee to hold a spot. If you have other orders on layaway , NO you may NOT transfer that money to Glee.
Defaulting on a layaway means defaulting on all. Old layaways MAY NOT be traded for new ones.