IrrealDoll Auctions

IrrealDoll is preparing to sell one-of-a-kind dolls by auction on the company website. The first doll for auction is now posted on the site. The auction will start next week.

From the company:

We’re starting a series of auctions on Irrealdoll. Every week there will be a new doll up for auction and each one of them will be completely unique and customized. These dolls were part of the “Irrealdoll Solo Show”, an exhibition that took place in Seville and Huelva, Spain, in 2012. You could say these dolls are part of Irrealdoll’s history, so collectors will be happy to hear they now have the chance to own a little piece of it.

The first one we’re showing to you is Bloody Enyo, who will be up for auction on Sunday 9th, February 2014 at 18:00 PM (GMT+1 timezone, Spain time). There are more pictures of Bloody Enyo at our website.

You can find our auctions page in the top menu, but if you are feeling lazy you can just simply click here.


bloody enyo

bloodyenyo face