WithDoll 2 Year Anniversary

WithDoll is celebrating their 3rd anniversary. The company has released a new doll. Eliza. She is being offered as a limited edition The Snow Queen. 41cm tall Eliza may be ordered in a wide variety of resin colors. She is sold blank with optional face-up, wig, outfit, accessories and clear resin shoes.

From the company:

Thank you for your love and concern, Withdoll can celebrate 3rd anniversary!
At the same time we congratulate our 3rd anniversary,
we release new doll Eliza and progress a very special event.
We resale Withdoll’s 1st boy doll & 1st girl doll, dark knight ver. Jewel and Priscilla.
Also, we sell special skins such as normal rosy-brown and normal brown-tan again.
And we have 15% discount during the event period.
We ask your love and interest.

3rd Anniversary Event

1. Limited ver. dark knight series Priscilla and Jewel sale.
2. Special skins sale.
3. 15% discount.

Period : From Feb. 4th to Feb. 16th.