Duffel Coat at Sadol

Sadol has a new duffel coat for 1/3 girls and 1/3 and 70cm boys. The coat is part of the Go to School 2 collection. Coats for girls may be ordered in sizes Sadol Love60, SD13, SD16, DD-M, DD-L, and Sadol Honey 63. Boy’s coats come in Sadol Star 70, Volks SD 13 & 17, Luts Delf, Senior Delf & Super Senior Delf, Crobi R & M lines and Dollshe Hound. Hats, scarves, mittens and ear muffs are available separately in the Accessories section.

From the company:

[duffle coat] – the first product of ‘Go to School 2’ is released!
Available in Check, Navy, and Beige color

We make thin cashmere into duffle coat which will show the best fit on your doll
Don’t forget to check out muffler, hat, mittens and earmuffs they are wearing!




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