Resin Etiquette New Furniture

Resin Etiquette has stocked a variety of hand=carved chairs, a chest of drawers and a side table for 1/3 and 70cm dolls.

From the company:

After a year of waiting Resin Etiquette‘s Furniture is here!

We are proud to present our first pieces of our high quality hand carved furniture, which are on sale to the public for the first time. Our Spoonback Chairs have had must praise and anticipation, and they are here. Up for sale in our store for you. They have gone through quality checks and have been made with the best materials possible and in gorgeous variations of paint, varying stains, and fabrics.

But that’s not all. We snuck in some gorgeous surprises. We introduce our High-Boy Dresser and Side Table. The dresser features beautiful 5 drawers which are usable. Great for storing clothes, and spare parts (I use it to store eyes, hands and feet). The side table also features a tiny drawer which you can sneak your BJDs glasses in so they never lose them again, and are ready to take out when reading or on the laptop.

Last but certainly not least is our heart stopping Throne Chair. All of these are up for sale and ready for you & your dolls while supplies last at Resin Etiquette’s store.

We look forward to supplying you with all your furniture & prop needs.