“Reversed Alice” Alisha and “White Rabbit” Barney

AngelBattle has released “Alice” version Alisha and “White Rabbit” version Barney.  The 1/4 size BJDs are being sold blank.  40cm tall Alisha is cast in normal skin resin.  Options for Alisha include a face-up and the outfit shown.  42.5cm tall Barney is cast in white resin and comes with a pair of resin rabbit ears. Options for Barney include a face-up, outfit and painting for the rabbit ears.

From the company:

Reversed Alice, and the good and the evil of Queen Heart!
Alice becoming an evil after drinking poison, and messing up the world!
White Rabbit, a follower of Alice, wholly capativated by her character!
And Queen Heart trying to stop them!

What is happening to their fate in this reversed world?



This is a time limited edition, available for only two months, from January 23 to March 31.

Queen Heart is also coming soon.


alisha barney1

alisha barney2