Ringdoll has released a new Ring Grown doll named MoYu. The doll is being sold internationally as a basic doll only. The full-set sales are limited to China.

From the company:

New releasing——MoYu
Nude doll without make-up
(The full set only is launched in China.)
Nude doll is available in other countries.

*MoYu is a limited edition with unique style.
《JX3》 x Ringdoll:
Kingsoft Season Game Studio together with Pisces Culture——-The annual great launch!

Character name: Mo Yu
Character in 3D MMORPG《JX3》
The full set is limited and will be end on Mar. 26th 2014.
Contact with: sales@ringdoll.com

More of MoYu:http://www.ringdoll.com/product/RingSpecial/MoYu.html

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ringdoll