Ringdoll New Year Event

A new Year event has been announced at Ringdoll. Free gifts with qualifying purchases include a free 1/3 size doll head, 13.5cm tall Annie Elf or Shelly Mermaid.

From the company:

To celebrate the arrival of the New Year festival, Ringdoll will launch the following year Activities >-<

1 Buying dolls (including accessories) over 450usd, you can get any one 1/3 doll head (except limited editions have been closed )

2 Buying dolls (including accessories) over 500usd, you can get one New Year special edition— elf Annie (normal skin, nude doll)

3 Buying dolls (including accessories) over 550usd, you can get one New Year special edition Little Mermaid Shelly (normal skin, nude doll)

Time: January 25, 2014 – February 25,2014

Note: 1 Agents can participate in this activity 2 Special edition elf and Little Mermaid will end with the activity.

About Annie the elf- More: http://www.ringdoll.com/product/RingSpecial/Annie.html

About Shelly the mermaid- More: http://www.ringdoll.com/product/RingSpecial/Shelly.html

Hope you will like them>-<

And new limited edition boy Lulu:

About the holiday announcement! Ringdoll winter holiday announcement

1. The holiday period is from: Jan 25th 2014 to Feb 10th 2014.

2. All orders during this period, will be processed by the official due to the order and types of production orders. 3. All confirmations will (from February 10) being issued by order sequence after the holiday.

During the holiday, if you have any questions ,please contact with me>-<
I will reply your mail within 3-5 work days( A little slower than usual, sometimes I can not use internet during vacation)

Soon we will update two new Grown boys! Handsome as usual!~~~~

Best wishes!