Crobi News

Crobi Doll will be releasing the last three Nameless series dolls next week. Nameless version 68cm tall B Line Hobin, 66cm M Line Yujin and 63cm R Line Zion are being sold blank.  An optional face-up may be ordered for the doll.

From the company:

The last Nameless members~!!
This line up will be on a quantity limited sale from 6 PM on 27th, Jan., 2014 so refer to it, please 🙂


[Ho-bin Ver. Nameless Limited ]

[Ju-jin Ver. Nameless Limited ]

[Zion Day Dream Ver. Nameless Limited]

Sale time : from 6PM on 27th, Jan., 2014, quantity limited sale, first come, first served.

* For more details, use QA board, please 😀