Lati Doll News

Latidoll has opened pre-orders for White and Yellow basic dolls.  A new Basic Yellow doll, Mani,  is now available. The White line dolls will come with the new redesigned bodies. Basic dolls come in a choice of normal or white skin resin. They are sold blank with a random color pair of eyes. Optional default face-up, wig and outfit my be selected for the doll. Shoes are sold separately.

From the company:

Duration : 20th Jan. ~10th Feb.

Hello friends!

You can meet upgraded White Basic specially during this order period. 😀

We also scheduled to introduce our new basic make ups and new outfit design celebrating the relaunch of the White line!

Please have an attention to our all new White , we had a long, long preparation time for this.

Plus, you can meet Lati’s new comer “Mani” too.

Please be aware that we only accept the orders for white, yellow, yellow sp for this period.

Happy New Year !! and hope you guys love our dolls as much as the same.



Lati Yellow basic Mani

basic lily

Lati White basic Lily