A new doll head is available in Etsy shop WigletZ. The heads was created by a Swedish doll artist named Sanna. The head is being professionally cast in Volks compatible normal skin resin.

From the artist:

I recently released my first artist sculpt over on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/se-en/listing/1…-head-preorder

She is an MSD sized elf head that takes 12/14mm eyes and 6″-7″ wigs.
The head is currently on preorder with a total of 30 heads available. If there are many of you wishing to buy a head, the amount will be increased to 50, but no more than that.
I will place the actual order with the casting company as soon as 10 heads are sold and the end time for the preorder is April 21.

Since I don’t yet have a name for the sculpt, I’m having a small contest too. Please check the listing for more info on that.