Ringdoll Lulu

Ringdoll has introduced a doll based on a character from One Day by graphic artist BenJaming. 72cm tall Ringdoll Lulu comes as a full-set, a full-set with accessories or as a basic doll with an optional face-up (face-up shown is the only one available at this time). Lulu is cast in white skin resin only.

From the company:

*Lulu is a limited edition with unique style.
lulu style is limited to 50 dolls in China (Including Hongkong and Taiwan).
This edition will be discontinued after sold out but you can still buy the nude doll (without make-up).

*The deluxe full-set includes :
head(with face-up) + body + eyes[Re-21]+ clothes [RC70-35] + shoes[Rshoes70-11]+Rot74[Bass]+Rot75[Mic stand+Mic]+Rot76[headset+wrench+kettle+flashlight+goggles] +Rot77[fuel tank] (The red guitar and the stereo is not included )
*The classic full-set:
head(with face-up) + body + eyes[Re-21]+ clothes [RC70-35] + shoes[Rshoes70-11]+Rot74[Bass]

*There are two kind of different lip color you can choose:
Style A( click) or Style B( click) , if you do not leave a message when you order, we will send you Style B as default

*Layaway is available.
*All the accessories can not be purchased separately except the red guitar(ROT 73