Sakura-Hime EunRyoung

Ocean Moon has a new full-set BJD. YoSD size Sakura-Hime EunRyoung is a limited edition of 3 dolls.

From the company:

YoSD size [Sakura-Hime, EunRyoung] ▶Full-set◀

◆ Limited Production Quantity for January ◆

To keep the quality of our items at Oceanmoon, we have decided to limit production quantity.
During the month of January, only 3 full dolls are available for order.
(excluding [Sakura-Hime, EunRyoung])

Quantity 3 is for all order,
therefore if we receive orders from Korea or Japan (other than through Etsy,),
dolls can be sold out quicker than we have anticipated.

26cm Heian Era Uchiki Full-set, [櫻姬 銀鈴 : Sakura-Hime, EunRyoung] is finally ready.
Her pictures will be released; please check back frequently!