Safrin Doll News

Safrin Doll has announced a discount event.

From Safrin:

I only have a 20% off sale once or twice a year, and now’s the time! My last one was in April 2013, so these do not come around very often.

The coupon code is TIMEFOR20. You must enter this coupon code at checkout to receive the 20% off. During this time the automatic 20% off of 10 pairs is disabled (no double dipping, sorry!), so please use the coupon code even if placing a large order.
Some exclusions apply: No 20% off special orders, clearance or accessories.

The sale is valid now through Jan 20th.

Also new for 2014 – 25 new acrylics I’ve dubbed “Safrin Naturals”, plus an exciting new upgrade option to go along with them.

This line includes both new colors and ground-up redesigns of some of my most popular offerings, all in a new style with improved depth, detail and realism.
And all still for the low price of 9.99!

Looking for something a bit more? Starting with the new Naturals line, I am now offering the Safrin acrylics with an optional upgrade to a urethane resin filled back. This improves the weight of the acrylic and makes it significantly easier to install in a head.

This feature will be coming to the original line of Safrin Acrylics shortly.

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 8.15.24 AM