Migidoll for January

Migidoll has posted their plans for January. For a limited time a free gift will be sent with the purchase of a C-Lovely Baby or C-Faith slim body. New items are being stocked. A new M-style doll will be introduced. A free doll will be given to one lucky customer.

From the company:

Hello. We are Migidoll.

We are planning a variety of products and events to be cool Migidoll in 2014.
Many kinds of accessories will be available in January as the first event.

* Eyes for Oscardoll will be launched.
Oscardoll eyes will become available with us. Keep your eyes on our Oscardoll eyes like jewelry!

* New Lovely Baby size shoes.
Shoes of Lovely Baby and Faith slim body size which made by ¡°atelier 613¡± has been stocked.

* New M-Cute size outfits.
Casual style outfits of Mir will be on sale. Other style for M-cute and M-style will be soon updated.

* Musical instruments.
Musical instruments which go well with our dolls will be on sale too.

New accessories will be launched in the future too. Keep your eyes on them!
To make 2014 exciting, Migidoll prepared special events for our customers.

** Special event in January.

To those who purchase a set of C-Lovely Baby or C-Faith slim body, New -Lovely Baby size shoes will be given. To those who purchase a C-Love type set will be given 14mm Oscardoll eyes at random.

* Duration

– From January 1st to 31st, 2014.
– Buy more than US$300, and get a chance to win a M-style doll from January 1st to 31st, 2014

– The prize doll will be updated on January1st, and the winner will be chosen on February 15.

** Migidoll’s M-style will release the limited edition head named “Kay” on next January.
Its schedule will be noticed soon after updating the image.


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