Dolls & Party Barcelona

A new convention will be held in Barcelona Spain this year called Dolls & Party.

From the convention:

Dolls & Party is a BJD (Ball Jointed Dolls) event that will be held in Barcelona the 5th of July of 2014. It will be a like massive meeting of doll owners and lovers who want to share their passion. There will be selling booths with all kind of doll goodies (not only, BJD, we will also have supplies for Pullips, Blythes, Monster High…), renowned artists (seamstresses, make up artists, sculptors) both national and international, and a lot of fun games and lotteries.

This event is opened to BJD of all brands, and we even welcome other types of dolls!

We didn’t pick our name without a reason: we plan to really offer a Party for you and your Dolls!

Check out our website for more information!