DemiurgeDolls has created Nyashko. The pre-order for the Familliars line doll is currently open.

From the company:

Since December 28 you can order dolls from a line of Familliars – Nyashko.
You can choose color – Normal, White (Demiurge Dolls). Dolls will be cast in Russia.
The term of sending a ready doll – 45-60 working days from the moment of payment.
To make the order read  FAQ.

27cm tall Nyashko is available in a choice of normal or white resin. The basic doll may be ordered with either a faceplate with eye holes or without eye-holes.  The eye-hole socket face will come with a pair of eyes.  The one without will come painted by the artist.  The pre-order for the dolls ends on January 31st.

Nyashko Nyashko2 Nyashko3