Granado News

Granado has introduced new resin skin colors. The company is currently offering new 75.5cm tall doll Nico in a kit form.  The new Titian body will be sold separately during the 3-day monthly body sale January 1st to 3rd.

From the company:

We are happy to introduce two new skin color to you. They are Tan and Bronze.
It will be same as our Sunshine and Chocolate skin,
darker skin dolls will be cast by new resin, which the color difference after sanding will be minimal.

:: Special ::

For all Nico’s customers, if you have ordered a Nico and would like to change the resin color, you can still make the changes within 3 days.
After 31th Dec, 2013, we will not accept any requests for change of resin color.
Also, we will have a special offer for the color change:
Tan > additional USD$70 (original price USD$90)
Bronze > additional USD$90 (original price USD$110).
Please contact us via our QnA board if you would like to make changes! Thank you! <3


granado color chart new_scheme2_27122013_zpsc2b7e383