Soom News

The Soom Emporium has posted a notice on all of their doll sites regarding re-casts  and authenticating Soom dolls.
From the company:

Warning on Soom BJD Reproductions/Recasts

Hello SOOM lovers, we always thank you very much for your interest in and loving our BJDs.

There are tons of SOOM BJD reproductions / recasts manufactured and distributed by illegal market channels and recently, a number of these illegal activities are getting higher than ever. This is indeed black marketing that jeopardizes the whole BJD industry including SOOM.

-Please do not use online stores selling the illegal reproductions / recasts

-The illegal online stores close their sites once you make payments or deliver dolls other than what you expect, not original SOOM BJD(s)

-Please cancel your order(s) / request refund immediately once you have ordered

-Please check our regular prices. If prices are much cheaper than our regular ones, it is suspicious and can be fraud

-Original SOOM BJDs are available only at our online store www.dollsoom.com and Vodaless Japan

-We do not guarantee the warranty and do not provide customer care service for SOOM BJD(s) from other online stores

How to authorize your SOOM BJD

1.Go to our web site and click on “Authorized Serial Number”

2.Your BJD will be authorized if all the information is correspondent with Purchaser, Date of Purchase, and your BJD

3.Must check the serial number and warranty first when you purchase used SOOM BJD

Please refer to the ‘Notice’

Thank you!