Mr Kitty

PlasticMoon has introduced the company’s first tiny doll called Mr Kitty. A special pre-order is now open. the 18cm tall doll will come with three different face-plates.

From the company:

First Release event!

During the first release of Mr Kitty you can get all 3 of his faceplates.

After the event he will be offered at a regular price with ONE faceplate of choice.

Don’t miss this chance!!


This preorder is for white resin only. The pre-order ends on the 15th Jan 2014

Includes 3 faceplates, cat ears and cat tail attached by magnets.

Doll will come blank and nude with 12mm eyes.

A special faceup can be ordered with Mr Kitty. Please see the doll – basic section to order.

mr kittyy1


mr kittyy2