Dear Classic Picasso

Dear Mine has created a new doll line called Dear Classic. Their first doll for the line has been released.

From the company:

Dearmine is having special December with a child from new line.
As we noticed, Dear Classic, Picasso is released.
It is as cute cat Picasso with big head and tiny hands and feet.
As the name of line says, classic atmosphere is the biggest part of this line,
and it is wearing Dearmine’s original eyes
to make him more like a character.
The body size is similar to 20cm lines, and head size is similar to 60cm lines.
Please welcome this Picasso cat!

Picasso comes with a choice of blue human or cat eyes. Options for the doll include a face-up and outfit. Picasso is 19.5cmtall without ears and 22cm tall with ears.