~A Holiday Treat~

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The continuing adventures of Treat.  The first photo story may be seen HERE.

Late at night – Part 1

 Angell Studio Treat slept for a while in the black bird cage after his initial adventures in his new home. After he woke up late at night on Christmas eve, he decided to investigate. The house had been decorated for the holidays, which included the annual Mexican tin ornament Christmas tree. That looks interesting…!

1treat stretch

2treat wake up

rat hat

treat hat 1

3treat hat2

wing flap

skeleton 2

devil ornament

meet grinch


BFF! 2


Part 2 ~ Best Friends Forever?


grinch present

treat open box


burning doll

treat ash

grinch snicker

comet grinch




trick cat present 2

treat kirin

treat love cat

treat zzzzztreat zzzzz

peekaboo  end


Photos by BJDcollectasy, Doll by Angell Studio: (Yasya face, black & red glass eyes, Treat face, 1/6 demon body, face-ups, body painting, outfit and accessories). Eyes shown in Treat are reflective acrylic eyes from Ersa Flora.