Ina and Gill

DollZone recently added two new 1/4 size dolls to their website. 42cm tall girls Ina and Gill may be ordered in a choice normal pink, normal yellow, white or tan skin resin. The basic dolls will come blank with a random color pair of eyes and blank resin wings. Basic doll options include a face-up and wing painting.  Gill and Ina may also be purchased as a full-set that will include a face-up, eyes, wig, painted wing, outfit and shoes. Body blushing  and an upper torso without wings may be optionally ordered for both basic and full-set dolls (body blushing is not available for tan dolls).  Dollzone dolls may be ordered from the company and their authorized retailers worldwide. The company is currently running a Christmas Event. Information on the event may be found on the company/retail page HERE.


Inawing Gillwing inagill