Sugarble “Thanks Me” Event

Sugarble is offering an opportunity for customers to  choose their own Sugarsleek doll parts to assemble their own special doll. The event will run until the end of the month.  The dolls are also being sold at a discount.

From the company:

” Thanks me Event “
(20% discounted / Dec 18 ~ 31 , 2013)

For celebrating your new year coming up, The SUGARBLE doll is holding a special event,
letting you choose ANY OF EVERY Sugarsleeks and make your own dolls you want!

Not to mention, it is 20% discounted for dolls!! A new outfits will be launched as well.It is the only chance to make your own dolls by freely selecting every options of Sugarsleeks
including head, body, skin color, make-up, special parts, and outfits, just as you wish!
It doesn’t come everyday, you’d better not to miss it!

Sugarble will now be shipping the dolls in a new traveling case. They replace the boxes that were previously used.

From the company:

*A sealing box the SUGARBLE doll had been provided will be substituted with pouch below.
We know the box has been beloved by many customers so far, yet we decided to provide much more
practical and useful item then the previous.

It is a pouch me have sincerely prepared for carrying dolls safer and lighter than a sealing box, including shock absorbing materials.

We all thank you for your love for our sealing boxes so far, and please be look forward to pouches from now.