Peak’s Woods News

Peak’s Woods has launched the second part of their Winter Event:

From the company:

First, we’d like to thank you all for your such interest and support for our new releases and event items for the winter event.
Every single one of your attention and excitement become our inspiration and pleasure.
So thank you very much again from the bottom of our hearts.

Here are more information and details regarding our winter event, mostly about our FOCs and A.B.s.

1.New FOC body named FOC Lolita Body has been released.
Therefore the original FOC body will be removed from the body option
and those who’ve ordered FOC since Oct. from our site or our ongoing layaway FOC orders will be received FOC with a Lolita Body.
(Non-split thighs will be shipped if you don’t contact us in advance)

*FOC Lolita Body has two thigh options.
One is split and the other is non-split. Please choose according to your preferences.

*FOC special hands or heel feet are able to be ordered from FOC parts section.

2.Goldie’s default make up has been renewed.

3.Both LE and basic Sleeping Cue purchase will offer the 6 free event head options
same as the other FOC doll purchase. (Dec.16~Dec.31st)

4.If you purchase an A.B. doll, one of free A.B. heads will be offered due to your choice.

If more information comes up, it will be soon updated.
In the meantime please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


*Period : Dec.16th ~ Dec.31st

1).FOC 1+1 EVENT
: With a purchase of 1 FOC doll, you can choose 1 free event head from 6 head options.
(6 Head options : Lavin, Lottie, Sky, Cue, Mintie, Shaia)
(Same skin color you ordered, No make up)

*Tip : If you’d like to make a full doll with your free event head, please place an order of our FOC Lolita body($440).
You can also choose a make up option for your free event head on the body page.


3)FOC Sleeping Cue UP FOR SALE.
*Basic : Sales from Dec. 16th ~
*LE : Sales from Dec.16th ~ Dec.31st (make up is included, LE clothing is an option though early closing is possible)

3.Please visit PW facebook and leave us a brief message.
It can be about what you want from Peak’s Woods next year, such as the kind of dolls you want for us to release or
the kind of events you like for us to hold next year.
1 lucky draw winner will be given a prize of FOF doll with no make up.