Beauty and the Beast

Latidoll will be re-launching their White line  with the release of limited edition dolls based on the theme Beauty and the Beast.

In celebration, the company will be offering random customers who make qualifying purchases various gifts.

From the company:

Notice for the limited release of ” Beauty and the Beast” and big event for the White relaunch.

Here, our Christmas limited release “Beauty and the Beast” finally coming for you!!

Order period : 20th December 2013 15:00 (Based on Korean time) ~ 10th January 2014 Midnight (24:00)

You can meet long awaited White body as newly upgraded version in this Christmas limited release.

Lati prepared 4 biggest event ever for you to celebrating White relaunch!

First event – First week’s buyer event. (From 20th Dec. To 27th Dec.)

We will random select 40 customers from those who purchased more than one (one also okay) “Beauty and the Beast” limited release doll.

Then we will present limited head which is launched before 2012 to those 40 lucky customers.

Those 40 heads are canceled head but faced up.

Please be aware that the doll buying customers will be eligible for this event. Parts only buying customers are ineligible for this event.

Second event – Second week’s buyer event. (From 28th Dec. To 3rd Jan.2014 )

We also random select 40 customers from those who purchased more than one “Beauty and the Beast” doll during the 2nd week.

Then we will present our special secret gift to those 40 lucky customers.

We can’t tell you about the gift. 🙂

Please check out the special secret gift through our Lati website on 15:00 24th Dec. (Korean time)

Third event – Third week’s buyer event. (From 4th Jan. 2014 To 10th Jan. 2014)

We also random select 40 customers from those who purchased more than one “Beauty and the Beast” doll during this week then will present our special present.

You can check out the 3rd week’s special gift through Lati web site on 15:00 2nd Jan. 2014.

Fourth event – More than $400 per week.

We will random select one customer per each week from those who purchased this limited doll by spending more than $400.

One customer for first week, another one customer for 2nd week and the last one customer for 3rd week.

3 lucky customers in total, we will send our newly upgraded white full set to these 3 customers.

Please be aware that the white full sets are .. head type will be random, not faced up basic set.

Please remember spending more than $400 a week is only eligible for this 4th event.

Event gift will not be double presented. One event present for One ID.

Please place your order directly through Lati web site for these event gift. Those events are only for the customers who place their order directly through our web site only.

You can check out the lucky customer’s name list on our web site later.

Hope you enjoy your Christmas time with our amazing events all time ever and please love our limited “Beauty and the Beast” a lot.