By Nathalie

French doll artist Nathalie of Misterminou Doll has just released her latest doll Nyx. She is currently working on a new project, a 1/4 size doll.


ell headI always have to like creating and imagining universes. When I was a child, I adored making small paper dolls. I made for them a house inside a matchbox. I began with the drawing. It is thanks to s comic strip that I discovered the world of BJDs. I have been a fan of Sky Doll since I bought the first book in 2001, but it was only in 2008 that I discovered that the heroine of Sky Doll, Noa, was a BJD. When I saw my first BJD, it was love immediately! And this love did not leave me to this day.

As I started this adventure, I created my first BJD before buying one. As I had no BJD at my home, I searched on the Internet to know how a BJD was made. Today, my first doll seems to me very ugly, but at the time I was very satisfied with the results. Then, I worked again and again until I felt ready to cast my first doll in resin myself. It was very long and very expensive, but a very instructive process. The first BJD that I made in April, 2012 (though I began the manufacturing of molds in November, 2011) was a small creature 25cm high, named Ell.

Then, I created my Little Cornue at the end of 2012.  I decided to have her cast by a professional company. She was only made in 19 copies, of which 3 belong to me and one to my daughter.

nyx hornThen came Nyx, my latest BJD. I worked for one year on her. I began her in September, 2012 and finished it not long ago. I made her with basic clay and Ladoll. For me she represents a sensual, feminine and animal creature. It is these feelings which I wanted to pass on through my modelling. In mythology, Nyx is the night goddess. The mysterious and bewitching side of Nyx attracted me and tempted me to name my Doll so.

Today I have several BJDs at my house. I became a collector and a real enthusiast. Dolls take a very big place in my life. They allow me to express my creativity and to travel in the realm of imagination, and they make me very happy.


Photos above: Cast of Ell head with resin spots, detail of serpent horn on Nyx.

Misterminou Doll





Face-up and blushing by Heliantas

Face-up and blushing by Heliantas


nyxtattoo detail

nyx body


Little Cornue:










1st Doll & Process:


cast ell