Fairyland Sarang Event

Fairyland has launched their holiday event. A new BJD is posted on their website, FeePle65 The Outlaw Angela Full Package (Peacock). She is a limited edition of 68 sets. Angela may be ordered in natural, white or tan skin resin. She is being sold with heel feet only.  A sleeping face-plate may be optionally ordered (blank or with face-up).

From the company:

We are delighted to announce the New Year’s Event (Sarang* Event), starting from December 13 till February 2 which is the Lunar New Year.
* Sarang means love in Korean 🙂

New Full Package products will be released in turns during the event period.

On December 13, FeePle65 will be released together with the commencement of the New Year’s Event.

New LittleFee is planned to be released on December 20, although this may delay until December 24 depending on the schedule.

Event gift photographs will be released when they are ready.

Due to the size and duration of the event, not all information related to the event can be released at the same time. We thank you for your understanding.

Duration: December 13 (upon product release), 2013 ~ February 2, 2014

Contents: New Year’s Event (Sarang Event)

[Tan Skin for Realpuki, pukipuki, ChicLine and FeePle65]

Tan skin option is available for Realpuki, pukipuki, ChicLine and FeePle65.
Please note that current tan skin type is different to previously released tan ChicLine and Chocopuki.
Current tan skin is same type of recently released MiniFee/LittleFee/PukiFee tan skin.

[M-Line re-release & Hybrid A la Carte]

M-Line is to be re-released and will remain available after event period.

M-Line Hybrid A la Carte which includes 3 types of busts (cutie, small, large) previously available for A-Line only, and A-Line Hybrid A la Carte which includes 2 types of busts (glamour, full) previously available for M-Line only are to be released.

Hybrid A la Carte now allows any type of 5 busts from A-Line and M-Line girl MiniFee to be selected for the chosen type of body.
3 types of A-Line busts and 2 types of M-Line busts were designed originally for the specific body.
Please understand that using M-Line bust for A-Line body, and vice versa, is aesthetically acceptable but may not achieve perfect compatibility compared to using the original bust types.
A-Line busts do not have magnets inserted on the back.

1. Event 1 – 1:1 Sarang

– Any doll purchased during the event period will receive one designated gift or special offer as listed below.
Please ensure that Event1 1:1 Sarang product item (http://dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=1059) is included in the shopping cart to be eligible.

– Realpuki/pukipuki: no additional charge for tan skin option

– PukiFee: PukiFee Sarang faceplate (identical skin tone to chosen doll)

– LittleFee and LittleFee Baby A la Carte & Basic: LittleFee Boxing Gloves (BW skin)

– LittleFee Full Package: LittleFee Boxing Gloves (BW skin) & Wingtop Boots (BW skin)

– ChicLine: (to be updated later)

– MinIFee A la Carte & Basic: MiniFee Leather Glove hands (brown)

– MiniFee Full Package: MiniFee Leather Glove hands (brown) & Bow (BW skin)

– FeePle65 Basic: Male hands for male basic, female hands for female basic

– FeePle65 Full Package: Two pairs of hands (1 male type, 1 female type) + paining service for gun and eye patch painting + 5% discount coupon

2. Event 2 – Sarang

a. $450 or above: LittleFee Sarang faceplate (NS or BW skin)

b. $650 or above: Quiver for MiniFee (BW skin)

c. $850 or above: MiniFee Sarang Head (NS or BW skin)

d. $1500 or above: a, b, c

– Eligible price shown above EXCLUDES shipping fee.

– Chosen event gift must be included together in the order cart to receive it.

– One order is eligible for one event gift of designated price or lower. (eg. order which eligible for (c) may choose to receive (a) instead).

– Customers eligible for Option D should select put A, B and C gift options into the shopping cart. It is not possible to receive two or more items of same type (eg. it is not possible to request for a + a + b).

– Any existing orders participating in previous event are NOT eligible to participate in current event by placing combined orders. One order is eligible for one type of event only.

– Customer should place appropriate Event 2 product item (http://dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=1060) in the shopping cart in order to receive eligible gift.

* Event 1 – 1:1 Sarang and Event2 – Sarang offers run independently of each other and one order may receive both event gifts if eligible.
Please ensure that the order contains both Event 1 and Event 2 gift options if your order is eligible for both.