Alice’s Collections News

Alice’s Collections has stocked a variety of new outfits. The shop is currently offering free eyeball bags to various customers each day.

From the retailer:

Eyes are the window to the soul, different eyes will give your doll very different characters and expressions, don’t miss this great chance to grab a bag of eyes for your doll ^^.

AC 2013 Christmas Event – 2nd Period (2013.12.06 to 2013.12.20):
Event A:
* Order 1/4 or larger doll:
Each day’s first 5 customers will get a 10-pair-eyebag for free,
The 6th-10th customers will get a 5-pair-eyebag for free,
After 10th will get a pair of USD9.90 eyes for free.
* Free EMS/DHL Shipping: if your order also includes over USD100 of *ACCESSORIES.

Event B (can’t enjoy with Event A):
* Order over USD100 of accessories: free EMS/DHL shipping & can add USD1 to get a 5-pair-eyebag.
* Order over USD200 of accessories: free EMS/DHL shipping & can add USD1 to get a 10-pair-eyebag.
Important Notes:
* ACCESSORIES means items under these categories – Wigs, BJD Eyes, Eyeglasses, Eyelash, Clothes, Shoes, Shoes MS, Other . )
* in Event B, You can enjoy the USD1 eyebag event for every $100 or $200 of accessories in your order.
* in Event B, please write the size of eyebag in the ‘comment box’ on checkout page.
* in Event A, the free Eyebag/eyes will be in the size for the ordered doll.
* in Event A, one customer can enjoy the event only once per day.
* Please DON’T choose ‘Free EMS/DHL shipping’ if your order doesn’t include over USD100 of accessories.
* You can enjoy this event with doll companies event at the same time.
* What’s an eyebag? See it here.
* Only orders placed during event period can take part in this event.