Little Monica Winter Event

Little Monica is preparing to launch a discount event on their basic line dolls. In addition, special dolls will be released during the event.  Teasers for new releases have been posted on the title page of the website.

From the company:

Hello, this is Little Monica

To show our appreciation for your great support through this year, we would like to launch Winter Sale Event in this December, 2013.
Please bear in mind that the event will only be applied to whole body products, not to parts, make-ups, costume, wigs, and etc.
Also, please look forward to Basic Little Harmony which will be on sale on 12th and Special Harmony, on sale on 13th of December!

Thank you.

* Harmony
* Little Harmony
* Honey Harmony

Event Period
11th December ~ 26th December (15:00) in Seoul/Korea Time

Noted Items
* All new dolls in December will have sale price applied.
* Event products will take 40~50 days of working hour for delivery.
(50~60 days of working hour for Special Products)