~Christmas Pinafore~


~Christmas Pinafore~

By Antique Lilac

This pattern was designed to fit a Kaye Wiggs MSD, but will also fit other dolls with similar measurements.

Height: 45 cm
Bust: 19 cm
Waist: 15.5 cm
Hips: 20.5 cm

– fine white cotton
– pins, needle, scissors, white thread, snaps, tiny white buttons
– lace

Pinafore Pattern


1. Print pdf, and cut out patterns. *Note that the pinafore bodice pattern is a template and does not include the seam allowances.

2. Pin bodice template onto double layer white cotton, and lightly trace around template. Cut out adding whatever seam allowance you are comfortable with.

2 IMG_9493v

3. Stitch the back opening and around neckline as shown. Sew darts.

3 IMG_9495v

4. Cut shoulder ruffles from lace, gather curved edge and stitch into armholes starting and ending about 3/4″ from side seams.

4 IMG_9497v

5. Roll up lace and pin making sure ruffle is not overlapping the seam line

5 IMG_9501v

6. Pin down the lining and stitch the armhole seam

6 IMG_9502v

7. Clip all curved edges and turn bodice right side out. Press.

7 IMG_9512v

8. Pin underarm seams. Sew. Press flat

8 IMG_9533v

9. Cut skirt fabric 8 x 28″. Sew a rolled hem along both ends and along the bottom edge. Press. Measure one-inch intervals from finished hemline and mark with pins. *Note – I started with two rows of tucks, but added another later when the pinafore seemed too long. Fold the fabric along the pin line with wrong sides together, and stitch approx 3/16″ from edge. Repeat for second (and third) row. Press tucks facing downwards.

9 IMG_9496v

10. Hem ends of lace ruffle.

10 IMG_9503v

11. Gather and stitch lace along bottom front of pinafore skirt.

11 IMG_9504v

12. With right sides together, gather and sew pinafore skirt onto bodice front.

12 IMG_9535v

13. Pin seam allowance under on inside and hand-stitch into place. Press.
Sew snaps onto back opening. *If adding a ribbon waistband, wait to sew snap at waist until ribbon has been sewn into place.

13 IMG_9536v

Optional Embellishment

You can embellish the front of the pinafore with anything you like, or leave it plain, but for those wanting to copy my snowflake design, I’m including the pattern and instructions.

– small square 14 mesh waste canvas
– embroidery floss, in three colours to match dress colour
– ribbon
– tiny leaves and red beads

a. Baste waste canvas centered on front of pinafore.

a IMG_9537v

b. Work cross-stitch snowflake. Pull away waste canvas one thread at a time.

b IMG_9539v

c. Snowflake pattern

c Cross Stitch Snowflake.v

d. Cut two lengths of ribbon. Sew one end onto back opening at waist. Tie into bow in front. Embellish center of bow with tiny fabric leaves and wooden beads to represent holly.

e. Sew on waist snap.

*The Pattern and Instructions for the Simple Dress worn underneath the pinafore, will become available on my website Antique Lilac on December 12th HERE.