Dear Gentleman and Dear Lady

FreedomTeller had introduced two new fashion sets called Dear Gentleman and Dear Lady. Currently  pre-orders are open for  SD13 and SD17 boys and SD16  and SDI girls sets.

Dear Gentleman is available in a choice of brown or black version. Optional vest comes in a single or double breasted version. The hat and walking stick may also be ordered. The Dear Lady coat comes in a choice of red or black. Optional hat, muff and fur for boot tops are also available. The pre-order for the clothing ends on December 25th.
From Freedomteller:

Limited ‘Dear Gentleman & Dear Lady’ Pre-order Period on FreedomTeller.com
(SD13B/17B, EID/SID Homme & SD16G/SID Femme)
http://www.freedomteller.com / http://www.twitter.com/freedomteller / http://www.flickr.com/photos/freedomteller


We’re here to inform you of our new limited set for this winter season.

[ Dear Gentleman ] is Freedom Teller’s recreation of classic gentleman’s attire.

We recreated this look with English gentleman’s thick homespun coat and cape and completed it by adding gentleman’s hat and stick.

[ Dear Lady ] is Freedom Teller’s recreation of elegant noble lady’s winter outdoor look.

The coat has fitted waist and we paid a special attention fit of this set using darts and seams in various places to tailor in high quality.

* Please select additive optional accessories using our drop down option~

* If you order additive accessories such as stick and gentleman’s hat with this limited set,

you’ll be able to purchase them at a special discounted price.

Please understand we might raise the prices of these items when they’re made available to purchase on our website in the future~

* SID / EID Men sizes will be updated on our website very soon~ ^^


Dear Gentleman & Dear Lady

Dear Gentleman Dear Lady