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Jpop Dolls will be offering very limited quantities of three Kaye Wiggs dolls for sale on Sunday. The dolls come with a face-up and a pair of glass eyes.

From the company:

Dear Jpopdolls ™ Customers,

We will have extra doll sales of Kaye Wiggs’ Sunkissed Miki, Sunkissed Layla and Gray Tobi for sale this weekend on JpopDolls™! The dolls will be for sale Sunday, December 8th at 9 PM PST!!

We have a small quantity of extra dolls. Please understand it is first come, first serve. Limited 1 doll of each type per customer.

The dolls can be found under their respective categories on Kaye Wiggs’ page at the stated time.

If you need help to figure out your time zone, please use this site to convert your time Time and Date Converter

Use U.S.A – Washington State – SEATTLE, 9PM PST time. Dec 8.


Sunkissed Layla

Sunkissed Miki

Sunkissed Miki

Pale grey Tobi

Pale grey Tobi