Ringdoll Triple Munie

Mint on Card is now offering Triple Munie points with purchases of a Ringdoll full doll, doll body or doll parts from their store.

From the retailer:

Customers who place orders for any RingDoll doll, body, head, or part, will receive triple munie points! Example:

-Regular Munie: Order a Warren Fullset, earn $7.69 munie points.

-Triple Munie: Order a Warren Fullset, earn $23.07 munie points!!!

To earn munie points you must have an account and be logged into it when you place you order. Triple munie ends at 4:00pm US ET on December 18th. Both in-stock and pre-order purchases qualify for triple munie. Layaway orders are also included in this promotion. If you have any questions please feel free to email us.