Marchen Waltz News

Marchen Waltz will be releasing the Ange sculpt as a full-set doll in Cherry Tart. She will also be sold as a head only.  Full-set Ange will come with a 58cm Bellezza body.  Both full doll and head will be cast in normal skin resin. Ange will be offered for a limited pre-order starting December 16th.

From the company:

[New release] ANGE HEAD

Thanks for your visiting and interest for MARCHEN WALTZ.

Finally the girl who got many interest and love from you shows her adorable look.

* Type : ANGE head part (Normal Skin)

* Releasing date : 2013. 12. 16   PM 4:00
* Closing sale date : 2013. 12. 23   PM 6:00

** ANGE head part is term limited edition. **



Ange in Cherry Tart full-set

Ange in Cherry Tart full-set

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