Rosen Lied News

Rosen Lied has released their schedule for December. The company will hold a free gift event during the month.  Limited dolls will be released on the 20th.

From the company:

– December 6th

Update of new basic items

– December 13th

Update of new basic items

[ Christmas Event ]

Christmas event will be on through December 13th ~ 27th.
We give presents according to each amounts.

$100 – Doll accessory (Necklace)
$200 – Doll carrier blanket
$350 – Special outfit (Holiday’s or Tuesday’s size)

* Shipping fee is not included.

* We will give presents for each orders separately.
But total amount of orders cannot be combined.

ex.) Make 3 orders of $70, $100, $250 -> Get one Necklace for $100 order
and doll blanket for $250 order but orders can’t be combined to get $350 gift.

* You can still combine orders to save shipping fee,
but the amount will not be calculated together.

– December 20th

[Release of limited dolls]

-Tuesday’s Child size Pansy (White skin)

Limited to 20

Make up by Rollingpumpkin
Outfit design by Rollingpumpkin

-Tuesday’s Child size Pansy (White skin)

Limited to 20

Make up by Kana
Outfit by Rin.Rena

-Wednesday’s Child Arcas (Reverie ver.)(ver. girl) (White skin)

Limited to 15

Make up by Chano
Outfit design by Rollingpumpkin

– Holiday’s Child BonBon

Limited to 15

Make up by LiNi
Outfit by GiGiker

– Holiday’s Child BonBon

Limited to 15

Make up by Uyuchagongbang
Outfit by Uyuchagongbang

* From December, new artist Chano will be with us.

– December 25th

Christmas Holiday

Due to Christmas, Rosenlied will not be working on December 25th.
There is no problem with shopping on our site
but help desk and shipping will not be available. All service will be available
on regular basis from the next day (December 26th).

Because of Christmas~new years holiday,
shipping may get delayed. Please do understand.

– December 27th

Update of new items

Thank you for all your love through year 2013.
We hope you give us much love through year 2014 as well 🙂