American doll artist Kimberly Lasher of Kimberly Lasher Originals has released a special doll for Christmas named Holly. The doll is 8.5 inches tall and comes with a slender Lollipop doll body.

from the artist:

Happy Holly-days, 2013


• LE 25, with 5 basics available

• brown glass eyes

• faux fur brown wig, with holiday hair piece

• vintage style nightie
(photo shown is not the dress she will arrive in)

• comes with her red, green and white Lollypop

• 8″ tall, same as all other Lasher Lollipop dolls

Someone will get a FREE Holly, as our gift!
Please sign up for my mailing list on my home page if you have not already done so for the Holly-day drawing. Friday, December 6th, I will be drawing a name from my email list and that lucky person will get my Artist Proof Holly sent out immediately! If you have already purchased her, you will get that payment refunded.

Holly is hand painted by Kim, with a night gown made of vintage fabric and laces. We have been working on her “behind the scenes” to have her ready for the Holidays. She is guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas!

5 basics are available, but not guaranteed for Christmas delivery.

“Holly Lolly” from the Lollipop series

Limit One Per Customer.