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Ringdoll has announced that they will be holding a video contest. The prizes will be various dolls.

From the company:

Ringdoll Youtube movie prize-giving activity and announcement to fans

To dear Ringdoll fans:

In order to thank fans who have long been supporting and loving us, we will hold a collection activity on Youtube—- “ Ringdoll and I”.

Activity content: Making a video, free content, no longer than 20 minutes. It can be a story about you and Ringdoll’s dolls, maybe you can tell it with a doll in your arms. It could be a stop motion animation. You can even act as a Ringdoll’s worker to tell others the tradition and advantage of Ringdoll.

But please remember to show us the identity card and number of your doll, as we need to verify your identity. The video without doll’s identity card is invalid.
The activity time: 2013 December 1st to 2014 March 1st.

Participation Procedure: Making a video and upload to Youtube, the title and tag should both be Ringdoll. After you upload it, please send the link to our e-mail: cherry@ringdoll.hk

We will choose some excellent videos to share with other fans on Facebook or somewhere.
publish on official channel.

The prizes of the activity: If your video is chose by us and published on official channel, you can get a 50usd coupon. (It can only be used in purchase, can’t be exchange for cash.) We will choose three most wonderful videos befor the end to the activity.

One grand prize
Award: one Ringdoll limited doll. The full-set of Jack the Ripper or Frankenstein 2013.
One second award
Award: one Ringdoll Grown nude( you can choose anyone except dolls which are sold out)
Two third prizes
Award: one Ringdoll Teenager nude ( you can choose anyone except dolls which are sold out)
Thanks for your long-time support. We will try our best to bring you better dolls.

And, these days a few customers said that Ringdoll’s dolls have some quality problems, we are sorry for this.

Thanks for your suggestions, we will improve checking the condemned points.
If you find your products have any quality problems, please contact us immediately: sales@ringdoll.com /cherry@ringdoll.hk . Your feedback will help our improvement. We promise we will deal with your doubts suitably. About the details, please inquiry our customer service.

The relationship of our company and you are based on our mutual trust and understanding, we have been glad to solve your problems, wanting to bring you better service and products. I believe this point everyone who have bought our dolls can agree with. However, our dolls are hand-made, the individual error is inevitable, we hope you can understand. We promise that our materials are high-quality, the quality problem is inevitable individual problem, but not global problem. We won’t avoid our mistake, yet we will try out best to reduce the problem.
Thanks for your all feedback e-mails. It’s precisely because you that make us improve.

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