Cordelia and Cordelia SP Mermaids

Doll retailer Mint on Card has posted two new limited Edition mermaids from Asleep Eidolon.

From Mint on Card:

Asleep Eidolon has released mature 1/6 mermaids! Cordelia Mermaid – Special Body & Cordelia Mermaid SP – Special Body are now available for pre-order. These dolls are limited to 20 for the international market & 40 for the Chinese market. One of the dolls sold out in only 1 day in China! Human versions of these dolls are available too.

30cm tall Cordelia and Cordelia SP may be ordered in normal or white skin resin. The dolls each come with a face-up, a random color pair of eyes, mermaid ears, shell top, tail fins, fairy wings, and mermaid parts painting. The mermaid parts may be ordered in Pearl White (Solid), Pale Pink (Solid), Sea Green (Solid), Navy Blue (Semi-Translucent), Aqua (Semi-Translucent) or Rose Pink (Semi-Translucent). The dolls are available internayionally through American retailer Mint on Card or European retailer Think Pink!.

cordelia1 cordelia

cordelia sp cordeliasp1

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