Free Choice Event Pricing Error

The Gem has announced that there was a pricing error for the Free Choice Female Super Gem dolls.

From the company:

The second Free Choice Female Super Gem has opened on November 6th 2013.

Unfortunately, due to the manager carelessness, prices were set up way lower than planned…

As a result, we have corrected the prices the way they should be set, hence the price raise.

We understand that some of you might feel uncomfortable with the new prices, and we deeply apologize for this… ㅠㅠ

However, for your reference, you will notice that these prices are of the same range than our previous Female SG event
in 2012 => http://dollsoom.com/eng/bbs/board.ph…_id=368&page=5

Also, a personal email will be sent to those of you who already placed an order for a doll.

We are truly for all the bother we brought you… m(_ _)m

We really hope that you will understand this point, and maintain your interest for our event.

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