Marbled Halls News

Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls will be releasing Sprocket dolls Oops and Grim on Saturday.

From the artist:

Oops and Grim are approximately 10 inches tall and are resin BJDS.
ONE of EACH per person..If you are preordering for someone…I need their name as well as yours.

> 150 painted 30 blanks available.

> I have decided to make the Preorder for OOPS and Grim this Saturday at 10:30 AM Eastern Daylight time.

> At this point I will do the preorder as I usually do. At 10:30 you can start emailing with your orders. Keep it short. No questions will be answered during preorder. I can not take time out to answer questions while the orders are coming in so ask in advance…as in before Saturday.

> Once you email me with your order I will respond back that you are confirmed with interactions on how to paypal your deposit, or where to send a check if you prefer.

> Deposits are $200 each per doll unless otherwise arranged with me in advance…before Saturday.

> For those of you who are not familiar with how the dolls come….

> Each Fullset Sprocket is individually painted and dressed. You will not get to choose your doll nor will you get to see in advance. There are not enough hours in a day or lifetime to do that. They are little surprises! You may however request a certain wig color, freckles or not, and dark or fair painting. I will try to comply to these wishes.

> These choices are made on your final payment. So no need to worry about choices now .Fullsets do not come with shoes. They are Priced at $595 plus shipping

> I also offer blanks, they are just that. The doll, no paint no eyes no clothes no wigs..wrapped. These are $395. Plus shipping.

> Those who make payment in FULL the day of preorder I will try to get them shipped and to you by Christmas…Merry Christmas. I paid in full for these dolls months ago to make this possible. I will NOT be able to paint and dress all 300 dolls before Christmas so please understand that.

> The email to use is bullwinkle2001@hotmail.com
Last time there were issues with AOL. If you do not hear back from me within 30 minutes you may email me on marbledhalls@hotmail.com and I will check there. Do NOT email me on both at the same time just to “be sure” I do not want to accidentally confirm someone twice and make someone miss out.


Sprockets sketch